Do you animate in C4D? If so, then you know how long it can take to make your animation look fluid. Save yourself some time and try the Automatic Inline Tangents (AIT) plug-in. The AIT plug-in is designed to help C4D users update key tangents dynamically. This tool will help make the work-flow associated with editing animation more efficient. It provides animators with a way to quickly align and adjust key tangents.


  • Dynamically aligns the tangents of a series of selected keys.
  • Manually adjust selected keys to align their tangents.
  • Customize the tangent modifier to align key tangents.
  • Set a series of key tangents to their avearage value.
  • Create up to four modifier presets.
  • Displays the tracks that have AIT enabled.

Note: When using R21 and up you will be required to generate a license file. Once our plugins are installed you will be prompted by C4D to "Export your Cinema 4D license information on disk to share with plugin vendor and order a valid license." Select yes and save the information as a text file and send it to admin@totalemersionstudios.com. After your payment via Paypal is received we will generate a plugin License.lic license file and send it to you.

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The slides to the left show the use of the tangent modifier when used with the Adjust tool and at least two keys selected.

Examine each slide to see how the tangents get adjusted when varying the values of the tangent modifiers.

Available for C4D R15 - R21

To purchase the AIT plug-in, please click here to visit the Purchase page.


To download the AIT plug-in for evaluation or full use, please click here to visit the Download page.