The Harvester plug-in allows Cinema 4D users to save animation of a hierarchy of objects "rig", and then apply that animation to similar rigs. It also is used to transfer animation from dissimilar rigs. Customize which objects will be animated, the time for animation to be saved, inserted, or transferred. Options are provided to allow excluding/including tags, movement, rotation, scale, or userdata animation.

  • WHAT IS NEW IN 3.0
  • Save animation of a rig starting at a specific time for a specified range of time.
  • Insert saved animation at a specified period of time.
  • Transfer animation from one object to another, based on a reference pose (transferring will not work when transferring from a rig that uses Forward Kinematics to a rig that uses Inverse Kinematics).
  • Automatic and savable custom part mapping, to make sure the proper parts are animated.
  • The ability to ignore individual parts (in all modes).
  • The ability to ignore parts based on layers.
  • Works with rigs that differ.
  • Add loops when inserting saved or transferred animation.
  • Remove redundant key frames when saving animation.
  • Save animation in reverse.
  • The ability to ignore types of movement, tags, scaling, and userdata.
  • The ability to speed up or slow down saved animation.
  • Set the interpolation of the last key when reusing saved animation.
  • The ability to delete all existing animation on a rig.
  • A variety of work flow enhancing features to speed up the use of this plug-in.

This update introduces the new transfer feature. Transfer allows users to take animation from a rig with a very different structure from another rig and transfer it over. This is done by getting the two character rigs into a reference pose at a given time. This can be useful when you have similar character but varying in size or some other detail. It is also helpful when you have used this plug-in to save a bunch of animation for a particular rig and now want to use some of those animations on other rigs. Some additional changes provided by this update are list below.

  • Removed support for R14 and below and added support for R15 to R21.
  • Updated and optimized the layout of the GUI to maximize workspace.
  • Added the ability to hide objects based on their layers.
  • Added layer information and icons next to source lists in order to avoid instances where there are multiple objects with the same name being mapped incorrectly.
  • Added the ability to set the last keys interpolation for all the keys at the end of the inserted animation.
  • Resolved various minor bug fixes.

When using R21 and up you will be required to generate a license file. Once our plugins are installed you will be prompted by C4D to "Export your Cinema 4D license information on disk to share with plugin vendor and order a valid license." Select yes and save the information as a text file and send it to After your payment via Paypal is received we will generate a plugin License.lic license file and send it to you.

If you have a version of Cinema 4D that has motion clips, then you may notice some features in the Harvester plgu-in that are familiar such as looping or ignoring certain objects. Some options this plug-in provides that motion clips does not are:

  • Optionally ignore PSR keyframe data for objects and/or tags.
  • Optimize what is applied which removes any unnecessary key frames, or have keys added every frame.
  • Apply animation in reverse.
  • Scale the animation that is saved in order to apply saved animation to similar rigs that are larger or smaller.

  • For examples and for more explaination of how to use the plug-in go to the tutorials page and watch the videos. More videos are soon to come so stop by and check in to see if they have been updated. Click here. >> MORE INFO

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Available for C4D R15 - R21