Take your characters out for a stroll with the Walk Cycle Producer (WCP) plug-in for C4D. This plug-in is designed to help create a quick walk cycle for biped and quadruped characters with Inverse Kinematic animation. Are you new to C4D or animating a rig? This plug-in provides an easy way to establish a walk or run cycle. The controls allow for a wide variety of walk cycles and the ability to fine tune until the desired walk is achieved. Save your creations, share them with other, or use them with other rigs. Check out the tutorials below for examples on how to setup and use the plug-in.


  • Biped and quadruped supported
  • Turn off any appendage
  • Walk in place or on a path
  • Controls for walk speed and frame rate
  • Display an optional artificial floor
  • Controls for movement and rotation
  • Show/hide IK controller objects
  • Import/Export to earlier versions of C4D
  • Specify the number of iterations to loop
  • Create presets and load them for all parts
  • Presets work on other characters
  • Reset to default values or preset values
  • Included are presets to use as a starting point
  • Record keys for a given range in time
  • Set first/last key interpolation to blend with existing animation
  • Access hand/foot user data controls
  • Access CD IK Hand controls on the feet or hands

NOTE: When using R21 and up you will be required to generate a license file. Once installed you will be prompted by C4D to "Export your Cinema 4D license information on disk to share with plugin vendor and order a valid license." Select yes and save the information as a text file and send it to admin@totalemersionstudios.com. After your payment via Paypal is received we will generate a plugin License.lic license file and send it to you.

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These are a few examples of the variety of walk cycles that can be created when using this plug-in.

To watch the WCP plug-in a few tutorial videos please click here. >> MORE INFO

To purchase the WCP plug-in please click here. >> MORE INFO

To download the WCP plug-in please click here. >> MORE INFO

Available for C4D R15 - R21